Friday, February 1, 2013

Pre-game highlights!

We have more rules to go over, but Player Selection has begun, so we'd better catch up.  Flag isn't orange, but we'll bend the rules and allow him to play.  Here, he struts his stuff for the only male player on Team Equine.  He's hoping to have Little Eagle for an opponent, since this horse has no experience playing Trough Hockey.

Flag is trying to intimidate Little Eagle with his sheer strength and good looks.  On the other hand, the horse is attempting to sedate the cat with soothing breath emanating from his ultra soft nose.  It works on humans, so it should work on cats too.

1 comment:

  1. dont fall for it flag...itz a trik sew de ponneez can score one up on BCM...ask BP ta run inta de stables N grab sum hay N toss it ta little eagle...

    BP iz sew fast that it will be like .. and then heez bak N de ponneez eatin de hay N now him iz full N wants ta take a nap...

    sweet dreemz little eagle :)

    score: flag and BCM !!!!

    oh, N tell yur mom... onze a ponneez bitted R mom on de shoulder...her wuz just a kid N dinna noe two much cussin then... but that ponneez had epic fail at ...soothin !!

    it bee fryday N we iz knot a loud ta play online on de weekend

    hope everee one at BCM haza grate one !!!