Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pick a cat, any cat!!

It was a last minute "bait and switch"!!

We thought Echo was playing for the horses, when suddenly, The Grinch took possession of the ball and proceeded to push it into Team Feline's territory.  H"C"S watched in horror as no one stepped up to play for the cats.

C'mon Cats.  Get in the game!!

Suddenly the whistle blew.......again!!

STOP THE GAME!!  If it takes two to tango, it sure as heck takes two to play Trough Hockey.


  1. hay...wait a minit...

    that does knot even look like de same ball

    N de grinch iz diz qualifyed coz him iz KNOT an oh fish a lee registered player....

    time out iz rite....

    echo...inta de penalteez box with ewe for false eye fyin player cards... step in rite next ta little eagle who getted ANOTHER three days for dee stroyin de box


  2. Oh don't worry, it's the same ball all right. We only have "one" ball at the Mansion. We might go to town to get a bigger one so the cats can see it better. :)

  3. This game is gettin' more and more confuserating... our heads are swimming... where's that rule book.....
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp