Monday, February 11, 2013

This is sooooo boring!!

For a month now, Pinkerton has watched the antics of Trough Hockey, and he's not impressed.

He says, "Let's get back to the Sports Field and stage a few races.  This herd of cats needs a little speed in their lives!!"

WHOAAA there, Pinkerton!!

We still have two periods of Trough Hockey, so don't get your tail in a knot.


  1. knot ta worree pinkerton, BCM haz thiz all wrapped up N de poneez iz gonna go bak ta de stalls hangin their tails...

    plus we hurd BP kneaded ta leeve town thiz mornin on a quik trip sew yur best racer iz out for a few .....

    him iz scheduled ta be bak in 3 hourz...him wented ta california ta pik up sum heet sew itz knot sew brisk ther :)

  2. Pinkerton is looking more orange than pink these days - I guess kittens' coats usually turn darker as they get older.