Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Abnormal behavior??

Timbit retrieved the ball and passed it over to The Tipster.  He got tired of waiting for Flag's release from the penalty box, so flopped over on his side to take a rest.

Flag was penalized for 20 seconds.

But we've noticed something strange about the only neutered cat at BCM.

He is L A Z Y !!!

He's kind of thick around the middle, and never puts much energy into his daily life.

Is this behavior normal?!!!


  1. speekin for de neutered boyz heer in de land oh trout we can say this shirley iz...


    fat belleez, ree cliner chairz, ham samiches, de ree mote ta dee tee and vee, nappin, snoozin, wakin up long enuff ta go bak ta sleep...

    ewe betcha !!!

    bbbbzzzz...timez up...flag haz come outta de penaltee box....

    oh N look...little eagle iz noe wear in site

    SCORE !!!! BCM :)

  2. As much as they need to be neutered, they turn into doilies.