Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cat in the box!!

If you've ever been in the penalty box, you'll know its not a great place to be.
Flag spent 20 seconds in the box for a serious infraction and he didn't like it one bit.

Timbit jumped in after Flag jumped out.

She wanted to see what the big problem was with "the penalty box".  Yes, its a bit tattered and torn, but you don't go there to have fun.  Its a punishment for bad behavior.

Timbit thinks Flag is a sissy!!!


  1. That's quite the expression.

  2. MOL !!! we be laffin heer timbit; we loves yur picture but even more sew... yur eggs pression like deb sayz!!!

    flag.....dood...sorree ya could knot chew yur way compleet lee outta de box; ya knead an ess cape hatch oh sortz...

    ask BP ta run inta town N pik up a saw...him will bee there N bak in 24 seconds; then ya can saw a sekrit door in the bak oh de penaltee box