Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What a beauty!!

Beauty Pageant Entry #2!

Pinkerton, Hillside Warrior
and Defender of all Cats that are Pink.

Pinkerton is a lovely rose - orange color, giving him a pinkish hew.  He was taken from Fox Farm as a child, and has grown to be a magnificent tom.  Surprisingly, he is almost tame and stops for the odd back rub.  Just don't try to pick him up! 


  1. This won't be easy, I can tell already.

  2. pinkerton...dood...ya got it goin on buddy...and happee ta see ewe under a burd free spruce az well !!! we iz with ya on de hole pick up stuff...tho pick up R foodz dish from over.... ther...N bring it ta uz coz we iz over ...heer...N thatz az far az pick upz get in R houz !!! best fishes in de contest :)

  3. does he allow belly rub and smoochies on the head?

  4. You can scratch his chubby tom cat cheeks, but no belly rubs or smoochies.

  5. Can you stroke your hand down his back and give his tail a little tug??