Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pretty as a picture!!

Contestant #1:  Today, we'll call him "Little Orangey Green Eyes, because those spruce needles accent his eyes so well.

He's a contestant in our 1st Annual Cat Beauty Contest. 

This cat was born at Fox Farm, stolen from it's mother and relocated to Barn Cat Mansion.  For months, we thought he was a female.

We were wrong!!

He's a dark burnt orange color and sports large tabby stripes on his body.  Beautiful, thick dark and light tail rings make him truly unique in this field of simple striped tabbies.


  1. meowloz ta ewe ornagey N best fishes in de contest...veree happee ta see ewe under a burd free tree...anda spruce at that...spruce bee R fav rite treez...N dont feel bad bout bein called a gurl...coz chelsea wuz a homer simpson at furst... thinkin her wuz a boy !!

  2. Yeah, the orange should indicated that he is a male!

    1. Once a few years ago, we had two totally orange (no white at all) females. I knew this because both had kittens!! Unusual, but it happens. Now if I could just find a calico male!! :P

    2. There are very rare calico males, but from what I heard if found they are most likely impotent!

  3. Dexter has to go with the orangey kitties as his slogan is "Gingers Rule"
    Mom is inlove with the green eyes.