Sunday, February 10, 2013

Temper, temper!!!

Chick's been watching all of this hullabaloo over Trough Hockey with trepidation.  She knows what happens when those BCM cats lose.


There will be two more rounds in the
Orange - y Bowl of Trough Hockey, so the cats still have a chance.  Right now the score is horses 1, cats 0.

Chick just wishes she and Blue would be called to play.  Dogs play with balls too, you know!!  They could be the "Farm Team".

1 comment:

  1. meowloz chick ...veree nice ta meet ewe.... iz ewe a border collie !!!

    oh, N therez sum bizcuits in it for ya if ya can ..change... de score to reed:

    poneez 1
    BCM 20

    de poneez cheeted anyway, they sended in a spy sparrow ta distract flag