Monday, February 4, 2013

Horses win

.......Flag whirled around and tried to get to the ball.

He was about to put a paw on it when

the dreaded whistle blew

to end the round!!

Score:   TH  1        TF  0


  1. call in de ref...

    BCM...dee mand an inn stant ree play....

    itz knot oh fish ul coz de burd getted in de playin area wear him wuz knot a loud... a time out ore sum thin buddy :)

  2. ok, so Little Eagle's nostril was closer to the ball than Flag's paw... we agree with da tabbies... the burd caused a "fowl". Get it? Bird? Fowl? We better check with the booth on this one...

  3. We agree - this is not fair! We demand a replay. That bird sabotaged the match.