Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a happy day!

Happy Easter

from a tired

Big Kitty and

the cast, crew, extras, editor, producer,
director, photographer and supplier of cat food and shelter for a couple dozen cats between BCM and FF....

and from the owner of Big Kitty, our good friend and granddaughter, Peyton. :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

No tips, please!

This one may be the toughest Toes and Tails yet!! :)

Don't look at the tail, just check out the color, the lovely white collar and those immaculate toes peaking out from under perfectly groomed, smooth as silk, fur.

This puddy tat is the absolute LAZIEST, playful cat at the Mansion.

Hiding in the hay is his most dangerous pass time.  One day, he could get poked by the fork!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Take a guess......

Viewers have identified the last three Toes and Tails without much trouble:  LOGBE, Whiskers and Timbit.  A bit of confusion with Timbit and PPF is understandable, but the Tabbies of Trout Town got it right - no Fox Farm cats have been featured.....yet.

Here's a totally relaxed sunbather.  The tail curls gently around delicate little toes and rests quietly on a back foot.
This cat's just lovin' life!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Here we have some beautifully pedicured toe nails, though you can't really see them.  Along with the nails, those toes are clean and fluffy.

Who could possibly own the awesome legs and feet in this photo.

Your guess is as good as ours!!

With the tail hidden, it'll be difficult to identify this kitty cat......

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Name that cat!

With great joy, we announce that yesterday, everyone was right.  Those toes and that tail do belong to the little orange guy.

Today, we have a cat sitting on a post, and it's maybe not so comfortable sitting there.

How can we tell?

The tail isn't in a relaxed position.  This tail is ready to be used for balance, should the need arise.  Who belongs to these toes and tail?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And the answer is?

Toes and tails.....


the cat

to this tail and

these toes.
No hints available!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

We'll call him "Jake".

Going off topic today to introduce our new acquisition:  About four days ago, we lost a newborn calf and thought we should give the mama a new one, so we went to the local Hutterite Colony.  The Dairy Boss at the colony is Jake and he showed us this pretty little red holstein amongst the black and white calves. 

We just had to have him!! (for $250)

All we have to do is trick the cow into believing it's hers!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Little bird brain!!?

Everyone has been looking for Black Panther, but nobody thought about looking "up"........
other than Little OGE, of course.

He found that black cat, high above the Sports Field.

LO: "HEY, BP!!  Whatcha doin' up there?"

BP: "I'm trying to catch a bird.  What do you think I'm doing up here?!!"

In reality, he's training for the Spring Race Meet!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Take it off!

H"C"S is lovin' her new St Catrick's Day bow and she refuses to take it off.  Every time we get close and try to remove it, she takes off!!

"Yes, it is very stylish, but if you keep wearin' it, we won't be able to use it next year!!"

Please sit still......wait!  Off we go to town for more Temptations.  When she's engulfed in gobbling treats, we'll get the bow.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Party hard!!!

Yesterday, lo and behold, was
March 18th and to all ginger cats at Barn Cat Mansion, a National Holiday!!

It's St. Catrick's Day!!

Celebrations were moved outside due to the 20 minutes of beautiful spring weather.  Big Kitty donned his new bow tie, placed a "Kiss me, I'm Irish" ribbon above his head and proceeded to solicit kisses from all non-ginger party goers.

OT and H"C"S quickly planted a big smooch on top of his pretty little head, then carried on eating Temptations from the green bag.  It's much like drinking green beer, only different!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

There's always another Beauty Pageant!!

Poor Orangey Tail!  She sooooo wanted to win the Beauty Pageant.  After all, she is Queen of Barn Cat Mansion and Beauty Queen of BCM would have been awesome.

Big Kitty doesn't care.  He was cheering for her, but "not winning" won't change the way he feels about her.  To him, she is the most beautiful cat in the world.  He put a big old paw around her, and proceeded to lick tears away from her strong, soft shoulder.  They sat quietly for at least 3 minutes while OT closed her eyes and gathered her feelings.

Yes, it was  devastating, but she will survive!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's just not fair!!

Our Beauty Pageant was a failure!!

It wasn't due to lack of entries because ten is enough in any contest.
It wasn't as if there weren't enough beautiful cats.  Ten beauties in one contest is more than enough.
The Pageant failed because we didn't have enough votes to declare a winner.

So this is the bottom line:  one cat was to be awarded a bag of ten cats will share one bag of Temptations.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cast your vote soon......

While we're waiting for everyone to vote for  Queen and Princess of the first ever Barn Cat Mansion/Fox Farm Beauty Pageant, we'll take a look at the view.

From the hill above BCM, we are looking west.  It's one of those days when the Rocky Mountains are covered in cloud, but the foothills look pretty fine.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nothing more than gossip!

Homer "Chelsea" Simpson was absolutely livid.  How could Little Orangey Green Eyes be so rude!!

She got onto a tall post and told the little guy to get on the short one (where young cats belong when it comes to post sitting).

She proceeded to explain the significance of  "hearsay".  Someone said Pinkerton had no votes and LOGE believed this with no proof!
What's more, he proceeded to tell the world!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That's unbelieveable!!

Pinkerton sits quietly in the background, awaiting an announcement.  He is one of two males and eight females running for queen in the BCM/FF Beauty Pageant 2013.

Somehow, Little Orangey Green Eyes has insider information and his informant says:

"Pinkerton has no votes at all!!"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Final introduction:

Fox Farm Entry #5 - Orange Blossom

Yup, you guessed it!  This is the mother of OBS and she is the epitome of what a farm cat should look like - or at least what they used to look like.

The brown tabby is the basic color of farm cat families.  We've been lucky to introduce flashy gingers and fabulous greys and tawny tans, but it seems like every few years, the spring litters include a plain old brown tabby or two.

This is the final entry and that means it's 

time to vote. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Slow down!!

Fox Farm Entry #4

Penelope Pepper Face

A raving beauty!!  That's obvious, but what you can't see from the photo is that she is mean!
Always aware and seldom still,  we believe Penelope has a busy might even call her hyper-active.

She's always going somewhere and constantly at a run!!

One day we'll catch up to her.  That's when we'll show this beautiful cat that we aren't really chasing her, we'd just like to be friends.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Each more beautiful than the last...

Fox Farm Entry #3

Her name is Orange Blossom Special.

and I don't think she's been introduced here before.

She is the only kitten old Orange Blossom brought in last fall.  She may have been an only child, or maybe those neighbors who take kittens got a hold of the rest.

Whatever events led up to her arrival at the shop, we were happy to meet her.

Now she's running for queen in the highly contested "Beauty Pageant of 2013".

Friday, March 8, 2013

A ghostly beauty!!

Fox Farm Entry #2 - Old Ghost Kitty

Rarely seen and never heard from, OGK lives her own life, except when springtime rolls around.  Now she's in the market for a relationship with Socks and makes it clear, every day, that all other cats should stay away from him.

You won't even know she's around when suddenly, out of nowhere, she jumps in and tackles whoever happens to be near the tom cat.  A battle ensues, fur flies and then she disappears again!

She's running for queen, but if personality has anything to do with it, she won't win!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

On the road again.....

Beauty Pageant Fox Farm Entry #1

Sid is a vagrant, but she's quite beautiful.  Last summer she had kittens at the neighbor's farm to the west of Fox Farm.
Yesterday, she was spotted sitting on the front step at the farm to the north!

This cat gets around!!

Obviously, spring is just around the corner, because she is on the move......looking for the perfect spot to raise a litter of kittens.
Good luck, Sid, and remember "home is where the heart is". :) 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


There's Sid with her eyes closed.  You'll find one in every crowd
.....and family picture
.....and glamour shot for a Beauty Pageant!


Okay, Sid.  We may have thousands of chances to get the right shot using a digital camera, but we don't have time for this!!

C'mon Sid!  Open your eyes and SMILE!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Camera shy?

Who's that hiding behind the old wagon wheel?

Why, it's Sid!!

"Come on out, Sid.  We're staging a photo shoot for the Beauty Pageant and we're ready for your "glamour" shots."

Hurry, get another bag of Temptations!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cast your vote!!

Flag stopped running long enough to let us know that all five Beauty Pageant Contestants from Barn Cat Mansion have been announced

Little Orangey Green Eyes
Pinkerton Hillside Warrior
Orangey Tail
Homer "Chelsea" Simpson

They were introduced in the last five blog posts and this is the viewers' chance to select the top two.  We will then introduce the five contestants from Fox Farm, and again, select the top two.  In the end, four cats will compete for two titles: 
Beauty Queen and Beauty Princess.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The sky is blue, too!!

Entry #5 - Timbit

Little Timbit has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen - blue as the sky above us!!

Her lovely tan colored body is accented with fantastic brown points.  She has concentric stripes behind the dainty whiskers that adorn her upper lip.

A piercing gaze and unfriendly personality enables her to have her own space and keep it. 

She is, with no doubt, a beautiful cat!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Seriously beautiful!!

Entry #4 - Homer "Chelsea" Simpson

Here is a beautiful, quiet daughter of OT and Old Orange Tom.  OOT would be so proud to see his kitten all grown up and competing in a Beauty Pageant.  She raised two kittens last year, but you'd never know it.  She is sleek, shiny and looking forward to raising another family this year.  H"C"S is one of the tamest cats in Barn Cat Mansion and rarely causes trouble. 

She has one small clump of hair out of place on top of her head, but that shouldn't be a factor in the voting process.