Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nothing more than gossip!

Homer "Chelsea" Simpson was absolutely livid.  How could Little Orangey Green Eyes be so rude!!

She got onto a tall post and told the little guy to get on the short one (where young cats belong when it comes to post sitting).

She proceeded to explain the significance of  "hearsay".  Someone said Pinkerton had no votes and LOGE believed this with no proof!
What's more, he proceeded to tell the world!

1 comment:

  1. it wuz KNOT LOGE's fault...

    we noe this for a fact

    him wuz paid in treets ta SAY this...N at de time LOGE wuz trooly reddy ta pazz out he took de treetz

    coz BP hurd: ....when him was in


    what thiz ponnee wuz up two....

    coz little eagle wuz braggin ta de other ponneez... sum thin ta de effect de ponnees winned...again...

    little eagle iz a trubull maker ;)