Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet Smudgy!

Oh sorry!  Didn't mean to imply that the cat we saw in the last blog was Sid.  Sid is black and has been known to move to the neighbors twice with her family.  We'll be happy if she comes home again for her yearly "undercover" meeting with Socks, but she should have been here by now.  We think the west neighbors have "sidnapped" her and are holding her, according to her will, in their house!

Penelope Pepper Face went missing last summer, around the time our north neighbors across the road moved out!!  If she was scrounging lunch over there, maybe they caught her and took her away.  We'll never know, but we have our suspicions.  This is one of the new faces at Fox Farm.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The plot thickens:

We haven't visited the Fox Farm Felines lately, mainly because a lot of our regulars are gone.

Where did they go?

We really don't know, but have a suspicion or two.  For example:
Last spring Sid came home from the neighbors and had a couple kittens.  As soon as they were big enough to travel, she took off.  In our neck of the woods, a good mouser is worth her weight in gold!!   The question is:

Did the neighbors catch her, give away her children and keep her for a house pet?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Watch the ears!!

Holly and Big Kitty had no luck trying to settle the dispute between Little Eagle and his cousin.  The battle carried on and Tipster watched in horror as Little Eagle's ears went back and he lunged toward the timid young horse.

A horse with ears pinned back is showing angry and aggressive behavior or he's warning a perceived threat to stay away!!

In any case, Tipster may find it in his best interest to just walk away.....

Walk away, Tipster!!

....just walk away. :(

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Such a velvety looking nose!!

While driving t0 town yesterday, I saw this old girl sitting in a field.  She was close to the road, which is unusual and when I stopped the truck, she didn't get up.

I stepped out with the camera and took a few pictures.  It's too dangerous and downright "stupid" to approach a moose, sitting or not, so I yelled and waved my arms feverishly to get her to move.

She kept right on sitting!!

Either she's accustomed to traffic and yelling people with cameras, or she's sick.  She was gone when I drove home so she's able to walk.  Let's hope she can still run and heads back to the bush where she belongs.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! :)

For the first time in two years, OT decided to tell Big Kitty she'd like to start a family. First thing this morning, right outside the window, Big Kitty agreed to help her out. This wasn't caught on film, but if a few kittens show up in a couple months, rest assured the camera will be pointed at them.

It took all day to gather the troops, decorate the Mansion and get the family's attention. Two bags of Temptations later and we finally set up for the Annual BCM Valentine's Day Party Extraordinaire photo shoot.

It's been a  lllllonnnnggg day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will she do it?

The battle between Tipster and Little Eagle is the gossip of the day.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the barnyard heard about it. Big Kitty hopped up on a tall post and confronted Holly.  He chose her because she's second in command of the horse herd and not nearly as nasty as Ace. No one likes Ace!  She's the lead mare and tolerates nothing!

Expecting to be nuzzled to death, Big Kitty held his ground and asked Holly to take a round out of Little Eagle...... 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barnyard bully!!

Tipster didn't jump, and instead tried to talk some sense into Little Eagle.  There's plenty of room for everyone along the fence and pushing others around isn't acceptable, but Little Eagle doesn't listen to reason.

Plain and simple!!  He's a bully!

The young horse turned away, saddened by the fact that he found a new friend and lost him in the very same moment.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nooooo! Don't jump!!

As the yearling was getting to know Tipster, along came Little Eagle, the trouble making pony.  He rudely pushed his way through and scared Tipster into almost taking a leap off the fence.

Not unlike a couple of kids, if one has something to play with, the other want wants it.

And so the battle began!!

To jump or not to jump...???

...that is the question.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey buddy! Wanna be friends??

Our young horse couldn't resist the opportunity to check this cat out.  As he turned his head, Tipster raised his tail.

Now we might think this is rude, but in the cat world, it's a greeting of some sort.  They perform this ritual when a dog comes close also.  

A horse that's interested enough to investigate a cat, uses his eyes, ears and nose to make this decision:  friend?? or foe!!

If a horse turns his butt towards you, he's either avoiding you, or he's likely to kick!! Tipster can thank his lucky stars.  The horse chose to give him a sniff!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I don't even know you!!

So I found a way into my blog, but I'm not sure how.  

Anyway, we find Tipster and someone he hardly knows having a conversation on a cold winter day.

They met by chance at the gate, and have chosen to ignore each other.  Watching the body language between these two over the next 4 or 5 pictures is intriguing.

Stay tuned......