Thursday, February 20, 2014

Watch the ears!!

Holly and Big Kitty had no luck trying to settle the dispute between Little Eagle and his cousin.  The battle carried on and Tipster watched in horror as Little Eagle's ears went back and he lunged toward the timid young horse.

A horse with ears pinned back is showing angry and aggressive behavior or he's warning a perceived threat to stay away!!

In any case, Tipster may find it in his best interest to just walk away.....

Walk away, Tipster!!

....just walk away. :(


  1. little eagle kneads ta be put on TIME OUT....stand that poneez in hiz stall in de korner WITHOUT hiz salt blox or any sugar cubes treets....he prob ablee loozed a bet in vegas N now him iz takin it out on hiz cuzin....

    tipster...dood....walk a way iz rite...listen ta yur mom...therz noe talkin ta that ponee less yur talkin cheetin....wait til him findz out heez knot invited ta de 2014 trough games !!! hiz earz will bee flat on his neck !!


    hope everee one haza pound oh perch week oh end !!

  2. I guess cats and horses share the same ear language :)