Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barnyard bully!!

Tipster didn't jump, and instead tried to talk some sense into Little Eagle.  There's plenty of room for everyone along the fence and pushing others around isn't acceptable, but Little Eagle doesn't listen to reason.

Plain and simple!!  He's a bully!

The young horse turned away, saddened by the fact that he found a new friend and lost him in the very same moment.


  1. We think Tipster should hiss at the bully horse and jump on the young horse :)

  2. tipster....troo lee ya can try N talk sense inta that cheetin trubull makin little eagle poneez til de cows come home.... N even if ya HAZ cows that came home in 3 minits...... him still wont listen....N de cows coulda never leeved de properteez in de furst place...little eagle still wont listen.....

    start talkin ta him bout steelin points in trough hockey tho...N whoa...hiz earz will perk up like ewe wont bee leeve....


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