Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet Smudgy!

Oh sorry!  Didn't mean to imply that the cat we saw in the last blog was Sid.  Sid is black and has been known to move to the neighbors twice with her family.  We'll be happy if she comes home again for her yearly "undercover" meeting with Socks, but she should have been here by now.  We think the west neighbors have "sidnapped" her and are holding her, according to her will, in their house!

Penelope Pepper Face went missing last summer, around the time our north neighbors across the road moved out!!  If she was scrounging lunch over there, maybe they caught her and took her away.  We'll never know, but we have our suspicions.  This is one of the new faces at Fox Farm.


  1. thatz oh kay...N veree nice ta meet ewe smudgy....a werd oh caution if we may, if ya ever get ta visitin BCM....its best KNOT ta listen two a THING little eagle haz ta say coz he iz fulla wind....and he cheetz at trough games.....N we hope everee one at FF & BCM haza one fish two fish red fish blue fish kinda week oh end !!