Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nooooo! Don't jump!!

As the yearling was getting to know Tipster, along came Little Eagle, the trouble making pony.  He rudely pushed his way through and scared Tipster into almost taking a leap off the fence.

Not unlike a couple of kids, if one has something to play with, the other want wants it.

And so the battle began!!

To jump or not to jump...???

...that is the question.

1 comment:

  1. hay!! we be a loud ta sneek over heer two day most lee coz we stole de cell ewe
    lar dee vize... tipster...we sure dinna guess rite on de ponee tryin ta make friendz but
    sure enuff if we dinna call little eagle out coz now de mom iz even callin him a trubull
    maker!!!! little eagle is trubull with a capitol Z...and he haza gamblin far
    az jumpin...ore knot...due sew N let big kitty noe big LE iz bak in towne N lookin ta spoil
    yur trough games again....!!! 18 cents anda sack oh friez says little eagle iz all reddy in cahoots
    with sum vegas bookiez bout whooz gonna win trough games N him iz offerin free salt blox
    ta de rest oh herd ta ...throw...a match...ore fix de trough....N look at him, he canna even FACE
    de camera coz he noez heez wanted in 5 provinces....happee week oh end guys!!!!