Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The plot thickens:

We haven't visited the Fox Farm Felines lately, mainly because a lot of our regulars are gone.

Where did they go?

We really don't know, but have a suspicion or two.  For example:
Last spring Sid came home from the neighbors and had a couple kittens.  As soon as they were big enough to travel, she took off.  In our neck of the woods, a good mouser is worth her weight in gold!!   The question is:

Did the neighbors catch her, give away her children and keep her for a house pet?


  1. nice ta see ewe again SId...hope yur knot out mousin two day coz if it bee az cold ther az it iz heer they iz gonna bee mousicles...less ya gotta grill to seer em on !! :) hope wear ever ewe iz yur livin de high life N stayin a way frum ...BURDZ !!!

  2. pea ezz...did ya heer bout de love o fare bee tween OT & BK !!!


  3. Oh dear - Sid is so pretty - we hope she's okay.