Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's like this...

Timbit tells us what happened:

"So like I called OT out on her vile behavior and she was like, don't tell me I'm the Queen and I was like, you're ruining our day and we like, won't get any Temptations if we, like don't find ALL of the eggs and like, give them to Barn Cat Master and she was like, I forgot about the the reward, so I'll like, behave and like apologize because I was like, so wrong to take the pink egg and the yellow chicken.  So like, Barn Cat Master, it's like all straightened out and you can like, bring the other five bags of like, Temptations and like, put them in the feed pail in the Mansion."

Tough as nails!!

Fur flew and everyone ran off......except


She's not one to back down, even when the Queen is pitching a Queenish fit.

OT's outburst is ruining Easter morning.  The rules are clear:  hunt the eggs down and bring them to Barn Cat Master. 

The reward???  Temptations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Timbit looked OT squarely in the eye and said,

"Come here!  I want to talk to you!" 

Chill out, OT!!

Sunday morning is meant for sleeping in.  Everyone knows that.  OT was kicked out of her sleeping tub waaaay too early.

Or she woke up on the wrong side of the tub!!

Whatever the problem is, she's mad!!

Whiskers found the pink egg and OT took it, along with the yellow chicken, and claimed them for her own.

Whiskers doesn't really care, and finds her behavior unladylike and certainly un-Queenish!

Everyone stay away from OT and let her have the pink egg.

Game on!!

Easter morning started like any other.  Everyone was hunting.

Oh wait!!  It's not like any other morning because Mansion cats never hunt in the morning.

Except for THIS morning!!


They're hunting!!:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Court Jester!!

Tipster may be the "odd man out", but he loves life at BCM.

He's just plain L-A-Z-Y!!

As you know, a few years back, he met with the sharp knife of Dr. T and is the only "fixed" cat in the Royal Family.  In traditional royal circles, he's known as a eunuch! Around here, he's

Tipster, Friend to All, Enemy to None!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flag is it!!

Flag was at the meeting, but left abruptly when her name came up in the conversation.

She knew what was coming!

Over the winter, we lost Homer "Chelsea" Simpson.  She had a chronic cold and the vet suggested we let her go since she perpetually infected the other cats.  Sadly, she passed away peacefully in January.  Anyway!! Someone must replace H"C"S as Attendant to Every Wish and Command of OT!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Don't tell me the pail is empty, AGAIN?

LOBE's nose is somewhat out of joint.  He was overlooked for the position of Prince, but really, that's only natural.  Pinkerton is better qualified and at least one year older.

LOBE is now in charge of Cat Food.

When the pail runs low, he's required to set an empty bag on the Mansion floor, sit squarely in the middle of it, and meow loudly until someone understands the dilemma.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life goes on....

Pinkerton listened intently as Orangey Tail laid down the rules.  Whether he absorbed the lesson is another story.
He is the proverbial "renegade", strong willed and single minded.  Orangey Tail, Queen of Barn Cat Mansion and everything beyond, rules with an iron paw.  On this day, she discussed the role of each and every member of the family. It came as a total surprise when she announced a promotion. Pinkerton will from this day forward be known as:

Prince Pinkerton, Hillside Warrior 
Protector of those less fortunate.