Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flag is it!!

Flag was at the meeting, but left abruptly when her name came up in the conversation.

She knew what was coming!

Over the winter, we lost Homer "Chelsea" Simpson.  She had a chronic cold and the vet suggested we let her go since she perpetually infected the other cats.  Sadly, she passed away peacefully in January.  Anyway!! Someone must replace H"C"S as Attendant to Every Wish and Command of OT!!


  1. sorry guys about homer chelsea ♥♥♥ she will always bee a part oh BCM....

    we noe gram paw dude N sauce wuz ther ta greet her N show her round......loves two ewe HCS...ewe R, & will all ways bee a beautifull gurl ♥♥♥

    N flag....tell orangey tail....flag FURST.......then we will see bout de dee mandz of OT !!