Saturday, April 12, 2014

Don't tell me the pail is empty, AGAIN?

LOBE's nose is somewhat out of joint.  He was overlooked for the position of Prince, but really, that's only natural.  Pinkerton is better qualified and at least one year older.

LOBE is now in charge of Cat Food.

When the pail runs low, he's required to set an empty bag on the Mansion floor, sit squarely in the middle of it, and meow loudly until someone understands the dilemma.


  1. dood...frank lee...N noe o fence ta prince P...but we wood rather BEE in charge oh food.....conga rats on this way awesum promotionz !!! N ya noe, ewe can all wayz save thoz emptee bags...ore one ore three of em, N set em one on de mansion floor say like monday, wednesday N fryday...that way therez three times de food !!!!!