Sunday, March 24, 2013

We'll call him "Jake".

Going off topic today to introduce our new acquisition:  About four days ago, we lost a newborn calf and thought we should give the mama a new one, so we went to the local Hutterite Colony.  The Dairy Boss at the colony is Jake and he showed us this pretty little red holstein amongst the black and white calves. 

We just had to have him!! (for $250)

All we have to do is trick the cow into believing it's hers!


  1. What a sweet face. Worth the cost.

  2. How adorable! Does it's new mommy approve? We hope so!

  3. veree sorree bout de calf guys....

    veree nice ta meet ewe jake...we hope ewe N yur new mom getz along soooper grate

    N watch out for little eagle...thatz another storee in N of it self for sure...him iz one cheetin ponee