Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Party hard!!!

Yesterday, lo and behold, was
March 18th and to all ginger cats at Barn Cat Mansion, a National Holiday!!

It's St. Catrick's Day!!

Celebrations were moved outside due to the 20 minutes of beautiful spring weather.  Big Kitty donned his new bow tie, placed a "Kiss me, I'm Irish" ribbon above his head and proceeded to solicit kisses from all non-ginger party goers.

OT and H"C"S quickly planted a big smooch on top of his pretty little head, then carried on eating Temptations from the green bag.  It's much like drinking green beer, only different!!


  1. thanx mew for yur kind werds on my page....we will try N bee bak this way ina few days...mom iz takin it one day atta time


    sauce of fishbone

  2. Eye noe this commint haz nothing ta due with this post, but eye wanted ta stop bye N say thanx... & if eye said thanx a bazillion timez...it wood still knot bee enuff...

    thanx for stoppin by... N leevin condolences messagez for me....... N me mom....eye trooly appreciates this.....N me mom doez two.....

    sendin de blessings oh St Francis two all......

    love frum
    sauce of fishbone: 2-6-03 ~~~~ 3-17-13

  3. my goodness......we have been a bit remiss in our posts this week; may I still step up and receive a kiss kind sir.....you know, OT is very fortunate to have you as a husband...I do so hope she wasn't jealous when you kissed chelsea !!!

    hugs from dai$y, queen of trout towne

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