Saturday, March 9, 2013

Each more beautiful than the last...

Fox Farm Entry #3

Her name is Orange Blossom Special.

and I don't think she's been introduced here before.

She is the only kitten old Orange Blossom brought in last fall.  She may have been an only child, or maybe those neighbors who take kittens got a hold of the rest.

Whatever events led up to her arrival at the shop, we were happy to meet her.

Now she's running for queen in the highly contested "Beauty Pageant of 2013".


  1. Love the apricot streaks at her eyes. She's very pretty.

  2. it bee veree nice two meet ewe OBS....ewe iz quite de beautee two :) best fishes two ewe in de contest....ewe noe, de winner getz a yeeerz supplie of cat treets; sew just case...ya haza brotherz ore sisters hidin round fox farm sum wear, ya mite wanna keep this ...coz oh thoze treetz...ta yur self !!!