Monday, March 11, 2013

Slow down!!

Fox Farm Entry #4

Penelope Pepper Face

A raving beauty!!  That's obvious, but what you can't see from the photo is that she is mean!
Always aware and seldom still,  we believe Penelope has a busy might even call her hyper-active.

She's always going somewhere and constantly at a run!!

One day we'll catch up to her.  That's when we'll show this beautiful cat that we aren't really chasing her, we'd just like to be friends.


  1. meoloz penelope de gorgeous...ewe iz a beautee for fishes two ewe in de contest N nothin wrong with an atty tood....we like a gal with sass ;)

    say, with ewe bein on de run a lot...due ewe purrhaps noe what happened ta BP....him ran inta town during de cheatin poneez hockey game, grabbed sum samiches N took off again !!

    hope ewe N all oh fox farm haza grate monday !!

  2. She is a beauty and looks quite timid. Always on the defensive, I expect. I'd have a hard time not wanting to cuddle this one.

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