Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's just not fair!!

Our Beauty Pageant was a failure!!

It wasn't due to lack of entries because ten is enough in any contest.
It wasn't as if there weren't enough beautiful cats.  Ten beauties in one contest is more than enough.
The Pageant failed because we didn't have enough votes to declare a winner.

So this is the bottom line:  one cat was to be awarded a bag of ten cats will share one bag of Temptations.


  1. I voted. But, it's probably best that they share a bag as a whole bag would make one puke. They are all winners in my eyes. Deb

    1. It's difficult to feed just one cat in a group setting anyway. :)

  2. These things happen, I suppose. purrs

  3. we turned in 10 votes tho... sew by R math that meenz everree one frum fox farm & BCM shulda reeceeved de followin prizes:

    2013 CATillac car ; choize oh color; a masterCAT charge card with unlimited spendin moniez; bag each of temptations treets and 44 cases of flounder....

    by R math any way :)