Monday, March 18, 2013

There's always another Beauty Pageant!!

Poor Orangey Tail!  She sooooo wanted to win the Beauty Pageant.  After all, she is Queen of Barn Cat Mansion and Beauty Queen of BCM would have been awesome.

Big Kitty doesn't care.  He was cheering for her, but "not winning" won't change the way he feels about her.  To him, she is the most beautiful cat in the world.  He put a big old paw around her, and proceeded to lick tears away from her strong, soft shoulder.  They sat quietly for at least 3 minutes while OT closed her eyes and gathered her feelings.

Yes, it was  devastating, but she will survive!!


  1. Aw..good 'ol kitty. Their tenderness reminds me of Ed and Lily's love. There's always another pageant.

  2. my stars OT, I voted for you so that's like winning the Pulitzer prize or something.... after all I AM the queen of trout trout by my royal decree, I declare you Beauty pageant Winner 2013 and your husband... big kitty.... is ever so handsome

    hugs from dai$y, royalty of Trout towne

  3. Sweetest thing ever. Who needs titles when you gots luv?
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

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