Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Final introduction:

Fox Farm Entry #5 - Orange Blossom

Yup, you guessed it!  This is the mother of OBS and she is the epitome of what a farm cat should look like - or at least what they used to look like.

The brown tabby is the basic color of farm cat families.  We've been lucky to introduce flashy gingers and fabulous greys and tawny tans, but it seems like every few years, the spring litters include a plain old brown tabby or two.

This is the final entry and that means it's 

time to vote. 


  1. orange blossom...veree nice two meet ewe az well N best fishes two ewe in de contest...ewe trooly iz a beautee....R gram paw dude wuz a brown tabby...they bee rockin !!!

    sew...now we gotta vote again huh.....

    this all wayz bee de hardest part....wear bee that cheetin ponnee little eagle when ya knead him....

  2. ok, sinze we voted for P.L.O.T.H. frum barn cat mansion...we will vote for


    frum fox farm !!

    this bee a grate contest with trooly awesum contest antz....we hope everee one getz a 2013 CATillac, a masterCAT charge card and plentee oh treetz ... coz everee one iza winner :)

    1. Could you be a little more specific in the order of O's? It's hard to tell which is which!! :)

  3. shirlee we can !!

    we will say old ghost kitty for de furst O coz her has senior benefits....
    then orange blossom coz her be de mom oh orange blossom special for de second O... then for de thurd O; orange blossom special daughther oh orange blossom

    pleez rememburr ther bee 4 oh uz N thiz is just .....boomerzs vote

    de other three votez will be de same O's ...but a duffrunt order !!!


  4. Orange Blossom Special has my vote because she has it all. Then Timbit next and then Ghost Kitty just 'cause I love the seniors and she's also very pretty.

  5. can we vote for all of these gorgeous kitties again?!

    1. Yes it's time to vote for Beauty Pageant Queen and Princess.