Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cast your vote!!

Flag stopped running long enough to let us know that all five Beauty Pageant Contestants from Barn Cat Mansion have been announced

Little Orangey Green Eyes
Pinkerton Hillside Warrior
Orangey Tail
Homer "Chelsea" Simpson

They were introduced in the last five blog posts and this is the viewers' chance to select the top two.  We will then introduce the five contestants from Fox Farm, and again, select the top two.  In the end, four cats will compete for two titles: 
Beauty Queen and Beauty Princess.


  1. Little Orangey Green Eyes and Timbit stole my heart.

  2. There is no way we could decide! We're voting for ALL of them :)

  3. we haza ta dee side huh......

    well, this iz gonna bee two hard sew we iz taken de eazzee way out coz everee one bee winnerz in R book N thatz quite de tale......

    :)....stooooooopid joke huh

    Heerz R vote: