Friday, March 8, 2013

A ghostly beauty!!

Fox Farm Entry #2 - Old Ghost Kitty

Rarely seen and never heard from, OGK lives her own life, except when springtime rolls around.  Now she's in the market for a relationship with Socks and makes it clear, every day, that all other cats should stay away from him.

You won't even know she's around when suddenly, out of nowhere, she jumps in and tackles whoever happens to be near the tom cat.  A battle ensues, fur flies and then she disappears again!

She's running for queen, but if personality has anything to do with it, she won't win!!


  1. If she wants to be queen, she'll be queen. Make no bones about it. She certainly is a beauty.

  2. hot cha...ewe iz one good lookin kitteh mizz fishes two ewe in de contest...N like who kneads purrson alitee any way...look at R sister dai$y; her iz de purrfect model for havin...none !!! enjoy yur date with socks N we hope everee one at fox farm and BCM haza grate week oh end ......see ya monday :) !