Monday, February 25, 2013

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

We're having a Beauty Pageant at Barn Cat Mansion and Fox Farm.  There are ten contestants, five from FF and five from BCM, and these are the rules:
     1.  No house cats allowed
     2.  Either sex is eligible.
The two most beautiful cats from each group will be finalists.  A Beauty Queen and a Beauty Princess will be crowned.  We have an independent judge to select the top four beauties and fans will be asked to vote for the two most beautiful cats.

BTW, this is Pinkerton and you guessed it!
He's in the pageant!!


  1. All cats are beautiful but I'll try to be ruthless.

  2. pinkerton...dood...ya haz it goin on buddy !!! ewe iz one handsom kitteh !!

    this will be fun... though veree hard ta pick a winner we iz sure :)

    oh, N we hope little eagle iz KNOT involved in this in any way !!!

  3. Well of course he is. It wouldn't be a proper contest without Pinkerton!