Thursday, February 28, 2013

True love.....

Entry #3 - Orangey Tail.

This matronly cat is already a queen, but not necessarily a Beauty Queen.  Big Kitty, King of the Mansion, chose OT as his favorite girl a long time ago.  They hang out together, eat side by side and sometimes he even gives her a hug.

She won the Whisker Growing Contest two years ago, and would be absolutely ecstatic to win this contest.

No worries, OT.  If you don't win, Big Kitty will love you anyway. :)


  1. oooo la la...ewe IZ quite de beautee OT;)


    big kitteh iz veree for chew net ta haz ewe az hiz fishes two ewe in de contest and if ewe dont win... we will still loves ewe two....

    hope ewe N BK haza grate dinner two gether two day; enjoy N haz fun !!

  2. What a beautiful tabby girl.

  3. Wow! Big Kitty is one lucky fella, it's a win-win situation here!