Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's over here!!

Round 2, or maybe we should call it the Second Period of the Trough Hockey
game is about to begin.

There's one big problem!!

They've lost the ball.  Somebody totally forgot to put the ball away after Hockey Practise.

Its a good thing this photographer found it lying in a long forgotten snowdrift!!


  1. it wuz little eagle...him toll that other ponnee ta kick it out there

    pinkerton saw him due it...

    little eagle did it on purpose coz he iz mad heez been in de penaltee box for three days

    this iz another penalteez for ewe LE...three mor dayz in de penalteee box for causin game equipmint tamperin....

    grate spy werk and a "actin bored" routine pinkerton !!!

  2. Sorry we got a bit behind the action... you kitties better "represent", c'mon, they're horses for gosh sakes... no match for our superior intellect, cunning (and general cat like sneakiness....)
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp