Thursday, January 31, 2013

Biting is not allowed....

And still more rules:
(concerning horses)

1.  Horses are allowed to move the ball with
     a nose, lip or chin, but never a tooth.

2.  Horses must keep their ears in a forward 
     position, unless they're being coached by
     another horse, at which time the ear may 
     turn a little sideways.  If a horse, at any
     time, lays its ears back, opens its mouth
     and tries to bite the ball, or a cat for that
     matter, the horse shall be disqualified and
     asked to leave the area immediately.


  1. hay....N we dont meen like what ewe ponneez wanna snak on

    but therez gonna be a spy watchin de game ta make sure ewe due KNOT bite de kittehs...

    yea, all we can say iz de spy iz comin over frum fox farm sew ya better pay cloze a ten shun ta theeze roolz ore else...

    N dont say poneez due knot noe how ta reed..coz we noe ya due

    N dont ask uz rite now like ..."ore else what"

    we will think oh sum thin....

    better be on guard poneez....

    :) !!!