Sunday, January 13, 2013

It was a small lunch!!

Maybe we were a bit harsh when we said Penelope wouldn't divulge her secret.  After a short discussion, she agreed to let us tell the world.

Penelope ate a songbird!!

It was a cute little Black Capped Chickadee that she caught over by the grain bin.  Poor little thing was eating some oats on the ground and Little Miss Pepper Face pounced right on it.

We told on her because she really doesn't believe she did anything wrong!!  After all, she is a cat...... :/


  1. what de ba jezuz !!! ..say it iz knot sew Penelope coz now yur gonna haza belly ache de live long day, may bee mor....

    sew like when ya mew.... can ya brake into song now !!! :) ok, dumb joke huh

    hay, trooly, stick ta mice coz burds bee stoooooooopid rood noizee N taste like caca :)

    ore like haza ham samich or 68 !!

  2. Now we see the bit of mischeviousness in her eyes...
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp