Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hear ye!! Hear ye!!

Big Kitty waits patiently for everyone to arrive.  He's called a meeting for the local chapter of "Cats in Action".

On the Agenda:

1.  Find a replacement for TOT who was coach of the Tree Huggers.  As we know, he has a new job.

2.  Organize an activity that tests the intelligence of BCM cats, not only their physical skills. 

3.  Plan the BCM Valentines Day Party.


  1. meowloz dude anda wild whitefsih wednesday ta ewe N de crew

    purrhaps ewe could ree cruit BP; hiz speed iz like lightnin for da coaches job;

    if ya wanna make everee one participatez ina act tiv atee....try a spellin test.... we will be mor N happee ta two ter any one who haz trubull spellin az we ACED it... long with lunch brake in skewl ;

    and a party fore valentines day wood be fun...then ya dont hafta like pass out candy N hope de reeceever likes it... coz like sum flavors oh those conversayshun hearts aren't reeely two good :)