Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TOT and Tabby the Speedster get a job!!

Dr. T called from the Feedlot and asked that we consider the following advertisement;

Feedlot Help Wanted
Must be male and willing to work long hours for short pay.  Necessary skills include the ability to sneak around, unseen and unheard.  You must have long whiskers, sharp claws and be able to see in the dark. 
Main job:  Mouse Control
Lazy cats need not apply.


  1. None of those sleepy-heads in the front row seem to qualify for that job, but Pinkerton might....

  2. we agreez with pasha..pinkerton just mite bee yur man but onlee if sum pay iz involved...vacation time, lunch breakz, sick leevez, re tire mint package, social seCATitee benny fits, penshun....