Monday, January 28, 2013

It's settled.....

Three shades of Orangeys showed the new ball to one shade of three horses (all sorrel in color).  So technically speaking, the horses are Orangey's also!!

It was unanimous!!  We'll use the new red ball and call this game.

Orange - y Bowl of Trough Hockey!!

Next, we'll set out a few rules:
   1.  The game shall be "one on one" - one
        horse against one cat.
   2.  Possession shall be "9/10ths of the law" be continued


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  2. sorree we had two manee spellin errorz in de furst post

    heer it bee in troo form

    YEA !!!!

    big kitty...sit ON de ball

    orangey...pleez ta get sum oats, fill de ponneez feed bagz, strap em on de ponneez...they will bee two bizee feedin...

    N SCORE:

    catz: one

    poneez: nada

    lunch brake :)

  3. We hope this goes better than the tree climbing! But it's all about the Orangey kitties!

  4. their fur is so gorgeous! We used to have an orange tabby.
    It looks like they get along great.
    Stay well kitties.

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