Friday, January 11, 2013

Yup!! She caved.....

That's right!! We shamed her into it. 

She saw us photographing her through the window, so Penelope Pepper Face ran quickly out of the shop to see what was going on.  It only took 10 minutes of pleading, begging and crawling on our bellies to talk her into helping with the chores.  She gave in when we threatened to tell everyone her secret!!


  1. Goodness, she's beautiful. Now you have tweaked my interest.

  2. penelope....

    hhhmmmm...ewe has been elected ta office as mayor oh fox farm...ewe winned de lottree....ewe haza mew boyfriend.....ewe bee ree lated ta tabby the speedster... ( see both faces )

    cranberrries; pleez due KNOT say ya love burd flavored treets....

    oh, N we hope ya getted paid for helpin with de chores....eggs cept nothin less than $255.14

    hay, hope everee one haza FABulous flounder fryday anda grate week oh end...

  3. Yup, she's a beaut, just as we thought!

  4. She has a secret? Please do tell :)