Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cammo cat!

Its not easy to see her, and we never expected to find her in this position, but there she is.
Timbit is clinging frightfully to the side of the double trunked Mountain Ash at least 15 feet above the ground.

She's been sneaking off after lunch every day to practise.  Gradually, and with sheer determination, Timbit has overcome a fear of heights.

When Time Trials resume on the Sports Field, she'll be ready to replace Tabby the Speedster on Pinkerton's team of



  1. Don't go any higher, Timbit. You'll need someone with a pillow case to help you down. ;-)

  2. thanx full lee timbit itza burd free tree.....pleez dont get scared; ewe can due it... tho we due hope de view was pawsum...can ya see fox farm frum that high.....oh, N dont forgets black panther's speed... heez gonna be hard ta beet !!!

  3. We new you could do it Timbit! We'z so proud of you! The other's won't know what hit em!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp