Thursday, January 10, 2013

That's one lazy cat!!

How much is that "kit-ty" in the window?  The one with the pep-pery face.

Oh, don't worry.  We won't sell Penelope Pepper Face.  She's just too darn cute!!
There she is, sitting in the shop window at Fox Farm watching the world go by.
You'd think when people are in the yard working, she could stick her nose out and give us a hand!


  1. meowloz penelope !!! hope ewe iz havin a grate day... N pleez ta tell de peepuls at fox farm ewe will bee veree happee ta lend a hand....just az soon az lunch brake iz over... and after a nap... followed by a slite snak... then dinner !!!


  2. Love a 'cat in window' photo. So cute.

  3. Can you get a better picture of Penelope, please?