Saturday, January 26, 2013

Canada's Game!!

With Big Kitty perched atop a high pole in the barnyard, the Supreme Ladies (or Queens as we call them) of the Mansion plotted their day.  OT was forcibly removed from her committee, so has time on her hands and she's not very happy.  To make matters worse, the King of the Mansion isn't speaking to her.

But, when these two get together, trouble is a brewin'

The following statement was overheard:

"Let's take that ball I requisitioned and challenge the horses to a game of Trough Hockey."


  1. Girls can be very mischievous.

  2. meowloz gurls....lookin good

    wink, wink ;)

    we wood love ta see a hockey game 'gainst de poneez...we put all R moneez on de BCM kittehs

    kittehs: 95

    poneez 4

    we'll bring sum samiches for de match up !!