Friday, January 25, 2013

Quiet up there!!

Whiskers couldn't stand the yelling!

After all, some cats were ready for the Committee Meetings, but Big Kitty didn't notice.  He was too busy yelling from his perch high above the world of Barn Cat Mansion property.

Timbit found a piece of hay to play with, thus keeping her mind off of the task at hand.  Somebody sitting on the fence, directly below BK stuck his tail in the photo just for the fun of it, but Bumble continued his tirade.

Finally, Whiskers reminded him of the upcoming Annual Whisker Growing Contest of which she is in charge.  Last year's winner always organizes the next event.

Big Kitty agreed to come down and talk about it..

1 comment:

  1. we think big kitty wuz yellin...askin de state oh arizona ta send sum heet BCM way....

    sum bodee sittin on de fence..orangey...dood....we noe itz ewe...agreez with BK...send heet....

    timbit; sorree ya dinna find an oil well; ore like a loose 50 ore 100 layin ther

    N whiskers; pleez ta let uz noe if ewe knead sum help with de whisker contest; coz we can get a hold oh 843 pounds oh fresh fish ina minit

    heerez ta a fabulous flounder fryday anda grate week oh end :)