Sunday, January 6, 2013

You tell me!!

You don't know much about Tabby the Speedster.  He is a tom cat and brother to Whiskers, winner of the BCM Whisker Growing Contest.  He, along with TOT, has accepted a position at the Feedlot and leaves tomorrow afternoon. 

We may not have agreed to send him if we had taken this photo earlier. This is amazing!

This cat matches the Maple tree!!  Just look at the bark behind his head and tell me:

Was the tree designed to hide the cat? or was the cat designed to hide in the tree?


  1. They'd have to tear him away from me. "Good luck and may you have a long, mouse-filled life. Hugs,

  2. Perfect camoflage! You could hide him in the tree when they come to pick him up, and nobody will be able to find him!

  3. hole lee mackeral dood !!! ewe haz sum of de best camoflagee we haz like ever seen !!! we wanna wish ewe N TOT all de best oh fishes at de feed lot; dont forget ta stop bak this way everee now N then with sum updates; N ya both all ways haza open invite ta trout towne 24/7 for foodz on de grill !!!