Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get in the game!!

Big Kitty called the meeting to order, and immediately designated a few cats to a few committees.  Cats in Action Committee consists of H"C"S as Chaircat and three teenagers to demonstrate new CiA activities.

The first game is Trough Hockey.

Flag, LOYGBE and Timbit play a quick game to show everyone how much fun this can be.
All they have is a dumb old rock, so H"C"S agreed to requisition a ball or maybe even a puck.


  1. dont haza dead mouz ta use...due ya....ok, that bee a stooopid thing ta ask, course knot... coz him wood be eated......nice mewve by de way flag....N timbit haz de goal post well guarded !!!

    hope chelsea can finds a good ball mite werk !!

  2. Lol, they are entertained so easily! We thought that ol' rock is a dead mousie.