Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Meet the little lady......

A couple months ago, we introduced two kittens at Fox Farm: one pretty little Siamese type and a brown tabby.  Well, both of those cats disappeared when Sid took them for a walk one day.  Little did we know that the neighbor "stole" them and gave them to someone who wanted some cats.  It's all fine and dandy that they found a new home, but "cat napping" is just like "kid napping".  Really!!  It's against the law.

Anyway, to make a long story not so long, we didn't introduce this stunning little lady just in case Sid took her for a walk and lost her too.  Now she's old enough not to be led down the "garden path" by any cat or neighbor, so here she is!!

We call her Penelope Pepper Face!! :)


  1. Pretty tempting. I may, as a neighbour, try to 'borrow' her for awhile.

  2. Woww, little Penelope!! You are stunning!! I hope she stays, because we want to see more of HER

  3. my stars, it's very nice to meet you Penelope; may I say your coat is FABulous...my name is dai$y by the way, I am shy.... but the HOGS boomer, tuna and sauce; while not true HOGS, in the sense of the word; though I beg to differ...but I am rambling.....the HOG boys never let ME post so I am taking over today and saying meow and hello

    hugs from dai$y, royalty of trout towne