Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You go, girl!!

After Timbit spent hours cleaning her toes, sharpening her claws and honing her climbing skills, she got chased out of the tree.

Well that's just fine!!

She overcame a fear of heights only to have her confidence destroyed.  She did climb the wrong tree, but anyone can make a mistake.

Little do they know, but Timbit is about to make up her own game, on her own terms and SHE will select the team and the coach.

Go for it!!  TIMBIT RULES!!


  1. my stars timbit, dont let anyone take your confidence from you...you have it, it was just confused for a wee minute...that happens sometimes when you might have had only two breakfasts instead of three...

    like once I thought I saw a cat in the bathroom and I was scared and ran....it took a few for my confidence to return and I was able to go back into the bathroom once more...

    turns out the cat was ME...in the mirror....

    I look forward to seeing YOUR game !!!

    hugs girl =^..*=