Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anything but a barn cat! :/

Penelope Pepper Face is a bit too beautiful to be a plain old barn cat.

She should move to the city where she could get a job in a cat food commercial.

Or, she could lounge around on a couch while old ladies drink tea with their pinkie fingers in the air.

Or, she could be walked on a leash and possibly growl at small children when they try to touch her.


  1. penelope...we vote on 2 & 1... sorta..but knot three

    tell de fox farm peepulz ewe will growl N hizz at them if they puts a leesh on ewe; they shuld send yur pick sure ta de folkz at fancy feast sew ewe can bee like on ther cat foodz bag and tell de ladeez ta get off yur couch & sted oh drinkin tea, they shuld be bringin ewe sum ham samiches !!

  2. pea ess...nothin wrong with bein a barn cat...sum oh R best pals lives at a place called barn cat mansion...ya mite a hurd oh it.....


  3. I don't raise my pinkie but I do love tea on the couch so she can come over anytime.