Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sitting on the balance beam...

Toes and Tails is over for now at BCM, but stay tuned for the next episode featuring Fox Farm Cats.

For now, we'll slip in one feature of Paws and Lips, but don't expect too many of these because we'll soon start the 2013 Tree Climbing Competition.  If we wait too long, the leaves will be out and we'll never know who wins!


  1. Are those shadows on those paws or do they need a good licking? :)

  2. YAY !!! ...we haz been waitin for de tree climbin competition sinz like bak in de day when it wuz announced... then like BP taked off ta run inta town ta get lunch ...N made it there N bak in 3 minits and 12 seconds... and it iz 75 miles ta town... N everee one haz had ta practiss sinz they new BP was gonna win for sur...

    N dont let that cheatin ponnee little eagle NEER de arena...

    AND lookin forwerd ta see inn how many FF kittehs we guess rite :)