Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Hunted!!

The cats at Barn Cat Mansion refused to race today, so we're checking in at Fox Farm:

And meanwhile, on the desolate plains called the Cow Pasture, a mighty Lion King named Socks waits patiently as a young cousin of the Wildebeest approaches.  Socks is confident with his hunting abilities and will wait for the perfect moment to attack the Baby Cow.

Wait!  The Baby Cow bellers!!...and from far across the desolate plains, thundering hooves pound the frozen ground in a desperate attempt to reach Baby Cow before the inevitable happens.

Will the Mighty Lion King prevail? and take down this unsuspecting Baby Cow?


  1. we think socks kneads ta call jake N ask for sum assistance !!

    weighin in, in this korner: socks 7 pounds N 8 ounces... lite lite welter wait champion oh de werld

    N in this korner: baby cow....weighin in at 195 pounds N noe foolin.....

    socks...ewe iz in de wrong boxin ring.....

  2. We think they will be making great friends!

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