Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do as I say, not as I do!!

OT says:  "OK, let's talk about technique!!"

1.  Grab the tree bark with the claws on your front
2.  Never look sideways, as I'm doing here. 
3.  Never stop to talk about climbing technique when
      you're in a race to the top.
4.  Use your back legs for power to propel you up the
      tree in the fastest manner possible.
5.  Your tail is for balance, so don't start wagging it
     like some over-zealous dog.  You'll fall out of the
6.  Sharpen your claws before joining a race!! be continued


  1. What a great shot. Cats and trees belong together.

  2. N what ever ya due dont let that cheatin ponnee little eagle any wear neer this competishun coz him takes "oats under de table " ta like make sure ponneez win...

    wait...ponneez cant climb treez....

    on with de races !!!

    nyah two ewe little eagle ~~~~~